Looking for a good VB sample code


I am looking for a good VB sample code to make a multi Xbee nodes monitor interface to run on some note book PC or handheld. VB version is Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express with .NET framework 4.

I have tried http://xbeevb6.sourceforge.net/ but it reports some kind of buffer error when the receiving packets were piled up by getting several node’s reports at once. I have increased the buffer size of Windows serial port but it didn’t help it.

The interface I am going to make is to view 8 nodes reports in 1 screen that shows each AD2 status, DIO3 status and battery voltage. Each Xbee node reports in API mode such as
7E 00 16 92 [64bit add] [16bit add] 00 04(DIO3) 82(AD2) [DIO 2bytes] [AD 2bytes] [Vcc 2bytes] and checksum. And it also shows the radio strength at the end of each status. I have already succeeded in making it with Microchip PIC and LCD display, a picture attached.

I’d appreciate your recommendation.
Best Regards,
Andy Oyamada

Serial under VB has always been a bear! :slight_smile:

What are you using for the ‘interface’? A USB port ‘serial’, or real RS-232? What kind of update rate are you expecting? 8 nodes at 1 IS packet per second?