C or VB app example to parse API framed data?

Does anyone have an example in C, C++, C# or VB for parsing ADC or DIO data from an XBee module? It would be great to get a head start on a demo app but we’re operating without python. (using XBee 802.15.4 modules, data captured via com port). Thanks.

What version of VB are you interested in? I have work mainly with VB 2005/2008. I have some code that sorks with DIO on the Series 2 ZB firmware but it is not much different if at all from the 802.15.4


Ihave an interface board USB and an Xbee sensor,

i would like to read the DIO1 and the DIO2 of the remote sensor to get the temperature and the light.

Can you please show me an example of API frame to read distant DIO