C# or C++ Example code for ZigBee DIO, ADC, PWM ?

Is there anywhere I can find C# or C++ example files for ZigBee DIO, ADC, or PWM ?
I am looking for some easy examples.

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Hi. You can use source toolkit for the example of C# and C++ code in which you can easily find the script or code.


there is an open-source toolkit available which includes a lot of C# code regarding XBee/ZigBee: http://mftoolkit.codeplex.com

Hi , If you want to communicate with the Xbee module from your system using c sharp code , first you need to open Port (COM1,COM2…), then you have to send At commands or APIs to the Xbee module, In the c sharp code you have to create Event handlers to receive data from the Xbee module.

see using System.IO.Ports name space in C sharp…