C# sample code for using XBee Wi-Fi modules

Have used XBee modules in past using USB adapter boards with serial com drivers
and am able to access regular XBee’s from C# code using com ports.

Just purchase a couple of XBee Pro S6B modules, and XCTU recognizes them using USB adapter.
XCTU scan shows my local Wi-Fi network (using a Netgear router) and I could enter password for local network,
but am not sure how to access the XBee Wi-Fi modules from C# code.

Am using VisualStudio2012 with .NET under Win7 and presume some type of TCP connection would be appropriate.
Have used Microsoft Robotics Studio to send messages between PC’s across the local Wi-Fi network,
but DSS, CCR and MSRS handled the details.

Is there any sample C# code using .NET that shows how to communicate with the XBee Wi-Fi modules
directly from the PC without using the USB adaptor?

No Digi does not offer Sample code for this. Just treat it as a transparent serial connection that happens to go to an IP address and port number using either UDP or TCP depending on which one you selected.