Coral on IMX6UL ?


As a robotics company, we are investigating vision solutions.

We saw that dey-3.2 included Yocto 3.2 with Coral compatibility. A documentation for Coral has been added for IMX8 Mini.

Because IMX6Ul is 32bit ARMv7, it looks like PCIe interfaces are not compatible. Their documentation mentions 64bits only.

Their new product,, could be used thought USB 2.0.

Do you think we could use Coral with IMX6UL using the USB 2.0 accelerator module ?
Do you see any incompatibilities ? 32/64 bits, required memory, python use, power ?

Mathieu Galle, Vitirover

Digi’s current implementation is based on the precompiled binaries for aarch64, because we created the different recipes only for the i.mx8 processor, but Google Coral supports other architectures, one of them is the armv7.

Digi has not tested it, but it sounds like you should be able to modify the current recipes for cc6ul in a manner similar to what we did for cc8mm the Google Coral should work also for the CC6UL.

Thank you, we will try this and copy your method for the cc8mm.