Core5600W and end user Wifi configuration interface

Hi !

I’m Christophe from France.
I’m Rabbit rookie… But,

I write an application, it’s a logger, all work fine.
My application is in home and log lot a things, each 5 minutes, data are send via my home ADSL router to a server over Internet.
All is ok, Rabbit core is great !

I use DHCP and declare into the program my SSID, WEP Key etc…etc…

But now, if my application become a product, how my clients could configure the initial Wifi link ?
Connect the Core with an RS232 in console mode is not very user friendly for the “end-user”…

I think it’s possible to build a web interface, with a form to enter data connexion (Wep or WPA key, …) but how the client could connect the first time the the Core ? etc…etc…

I think all programmer who place in a “client environnement” an product with Core5600W will have the same problem like me ?

If you have ideas, answer or sample program… that would be great.

Thank you.

ps : Sorry for my bad english !


Maybe you can use this option:




I was find an “simple” solution, i was add the zconsole support over ethernet, the user could change the configuration.

It’s not so user friendly that an html form but it’s working and with a good user manual all is ok.

Thank you.


The zconsole approach does not really work so well with WiFi. Before you can attach to a device via WiFi at all you need to set up a number of items (depending on the security settings).

One possible option would be to have the device come configured for adhoc mode with a defined setup (possibly using the link local support added in Dynamic C 10.60 instead of a static IP address) The user could then connect to your device with a laptop or other WiFi device such as a smart phone or PDA to complete the setup.

You could then use a web page interface or a zconsole interface to configure the proper configuration. You would need to implement some method of resetting to factory default in case of errors but it might do the trick.


THank you for your answer.

I use zconsole in serial mode, to could change the config with a terminal console like an Cisco router. It’s not the best way, but it’s works.

I will try to build an form to configure the wifi stated in adhoc mode, but for my project i don’t really nedd and web server.

Thanks again.