Create specific topology (star) with XBee S2

I want to build a specific topology including two star networks. I need to avoid too many hops to reduce the complexity of my network.

Also, I have persistent power, so I would like to run most devices onto router mode to enhance performance.

Can I configure as specific topology or only as mesh network? or can I reach this goal by 802.15.4 modules (s1)?

Yes, 802.15.4 S1 modules do not support mesh networking. So they can be used to form star network.

If you going for S2 modules then networking will definitely be more complex compare to star topology. But it is something that modules will handle at their own level and figure out best route for transmission.

From user’s point of view, both S1 and S2 will look equal if we are exclusively talking on networking routes complexity.

Is there any document or rule about “handle at their own level” when I use S2 modules?

This white paper should be helpful: