Creating bin file for RAM application


I am developing a program for the rabbit 2000 that will run in RAM to get the flash id. The program will be loaded over the slave port by the main system processor. Is there a way to compile a bin file using Dynamic C 8.61 that can be loaded to RAM? Does anyone have any tips for running a RAM application that would be helpful?

The program I have will run when I use the programming cable to load it to RAM, however when you compile it to RAM there is no bin file created that I could load to the Rabbit from the main system processor.



Just use these settings to compile a .bin for RAM

> 1. In the compiler options set BIOS memory mode to “Compile to RAM”.
> 2. Set default Compile mode to: “Compile defined target
configuration to
> .bin file”
> (do not use compile to .bin using attached target, that is
> 3. Set the board type in the “Targetless compile” tab.
> 4. Use F5 to compile