How do I build a custom coldloader with Dynamic C

I’m trying to build a custom boot loader. I selected build to .bin file and deselected include bios under compiler.

When I compile DC 10.72 seems to be using the bios anyway.

If I do not include #orgdefs then it complains about no main() function. If I do include the orgs it complains they are already defined.

This is a how to use DC to do this question.

So what is the procedure to just compile an #asm file to a bin?

Hello, You have to choose “user defined BIOS file” under Compiler–>Advanced Compiler Options .

For more information on this, check Dynamic C user’s manual at the below link

Tech Support supplied the files from software:
The attached hierarchical archive contains:

  1. Various cold loader, pilot BIOS and memory probe utilities source code.

  2. Dynamic C project (.DCP) files useful for compiling the various cold boot
    source code into .BIN files. A .DCP file is provided for each source file
    that is provided. To compile any .C source file to a .BIN file, open the
    appropriate .DCP file and then simply use “Compile > Compile F5” or the F5
    keyboad shortcut. Any warning generated about compiling to .BIN file in RAM
    compile mode is expected, and should be ignored.

  3. In the triplets subdirectory, a triplets.exe command line utility for
    converting e.g. an as-compiled-by-Dynamic-C coldload.bin file into a special
    “tripletized” coldload.bin that can be used by either Dynamic C or the
    Rabbit Field Utility in cold booting a Rabbit target board. The
    triplets_readme.txt file contains information about usage of the
    triplets.exe command line utility.

The ZIP archive should be extracted into a convenient place; C:\ColdBoot is
commonly used but that exact pathlist is not a requirement.

Most, if not all, of the source files contain comments that explain usage,
assumptions, requirements, etc.

After opening any of the provided .DCP files the user should check for
correct compiler support file pathlists accessible via the “Advanced…”
button on Dynamic C’s Project Options’ Compiler tab.

Before making any other changes to Dynamic C’s Project Options or modifying
any source code, the user should verify that Dynamic C compiles .BIN files
that match those distributed with Dynamic C 10.72 in the BIOS subdirectory,
or in the case of e.g. coldload.bin, that the triplets.exe converted .BIN
file is a match.

The fc.exe file compare command line utility (with /B option) can be used to
verify that the various freshly created .BIN files match those ditributed
with Dynamic C 10.72.

Please impress upon our customer that the the attached archive is provided without any further support. Our customer is solely responsible for making any changes they require and for maintaining those changes.

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