[solved] dccl_cmp.exe compiler command line examples for RabbitCore 4300 ?

All is good when building from Dynamic C 10.66 IDE while connected to the board. How can I build a RabbitCore 4300 release from the command line, using a build server that is not connected to the board?

My goal is to compile to a bin file that is downloadable to the RabbitCore 4300.

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I get the following errors from the command line:

cd Z:\projects\NTI_Battery_Exerciser\Battery_Exerciser_Server\src
C:\DCRABBIT_10.66\Dccl_cmp.exe main.c -h+ -br

1/16/2012   9:36:04 AM
Dccl_cmp.exe, Version  10.66 - English
Options: -h+ -br
Project file: C:\DCRABBIT_10.66\default.dcp
Program outputs:
line   19 : WARNING SYSCONFIG.LIB   : _DC_CLK_DBL_ should always be defined, but
 was not defined:
line   20 : WARNING SYSCONFIG.LIB   :   Defined _DC_CLK_DBL_ to 0 (disabled cloc
k doubler recommendation).
line   26 : ERROR RabbitBios.c   : This version of Dynamic C is only supported f
or RCM4XXX or newer core modules.

Once I selected the proper target in the IDE, the command line build worked:
[li]Open Dynamic C IDE;
[/li][li]Select Options->Project Options->Board Selection
[/li][li]Checked RCM4300
[/li][li]Press OK
[/li][li]Close IDE
[/li][li] Dccl_cmp.exe main.c -h+ -br
Is there anyway to set target without depending on the IDE? Where is target information saved?

I am trying to implement automatic builds on our Jenkins / Hudson server. How can I make command line release builds for various Rabbit Core builds without a human having to first start the IDE and select target?



Solved. I think.

Use either:

-rf RTIFilePathname
-rti BoardID:CpuID:CrystalSpeed:RAMSize:FlashSize

To get RTI info:
[li]Open Dynamic C IDE;
[/li][li]Select Options->Project Options->Board Selection
[/li][li]Select desired target, for example, RCM4300
[/li][li]Press Save as RTI and save to file named “rti.txt”
[/li][li]Close IDE
[/li][li] C:\DCRABBIT_10.66\Dccl_cmp.exe main.c -h+ -br -rf rti.txt

Or specify it directly on command line:

C:\DCRABBIT_10.66\Dccl_cmp.exe main.c -h+ -br -rti 0x2A00:4000:29.4912:1024:2048