DC 10.70 not compartible with DC10.66 projects

The project I have build perfectly with DC 10.66 I can’t build with DC 10.70! I see errors like:


It’s clear that compiler tries to find source files on wrong way because of adding prefix - path to the project file. It looks like a bug in DC 10.70. Does somebody know how to avoid it?

Hi, it is better to inform directly to the Rabbit technical team,
mail to support.wizards@digi.com regarding the issue.

It seems Dynamic C 10.70 expects the C Files line of the .dcp file to have relative paths instead of absolute paths. If you feel comfortable editing your .dcp file in a text editor, you can edit that line. (Make a backup first.)

For example:
If your .dcp file is in C:\path o\proj


C Files=C:\path	o\proj\src\main.c;	C:\path	o\proj\src\clk\clkdrv.c;


C Files=src\main.c;	src\clk\clkdrv.c;

I’ve also noticed that if you are running the 10.70 command-line compiler (dccl_cmp.exe) on a .dcp file, it has to be called from the same directory as the .dcp file or it will give similar errors. (But even then I still have other errors.)


You can port over your .c file from DC 10.66 but you cannot port over your .dcp or project file.

You will have to create a new project file in DC10.72.