Command Line Problem for DC 10.46

I have decided to use my own editor to get around DC environments shortcomings of not having a project tree to keep track of my main file and my .lib files. This forces me to use the command line options in DC.

i have everything working with the exception of the -o option.

according to the DC manual it says: "Go to Option | Environment Options and select the Debug Windows tab. Under �Specific Preferences� select �Stdio� and check �Log to File� under �Options.�

i have done this and taken a sample program which compiles fine and then purposely placed and error in the file to that i would get a compile error. If i compile it in DC GUI i do, however when i use:

dccl_cmp testprogram.c -o MyOutput.txt -pf testprogram.dcp

it creates the MyOutput.txt but its a blank file.

I’m having the exact same problem with DC9.62. No matter what I try, I can’t seem to get any output from the command-line compiler except either ‘nothing’ or “Object file created successfully”, but I don’t get any of the compiler warnings.

I have added the switches “-ne 10 -nw 10” with no change
It should be easy to test just by adding a line into the code

warnt "Test warning message"

But I still don’t get anything from dccl_cmp.exe. What’s going on here?

Duno, never did get it to work.

Well a colleague of mine tried going back to 9.52 and lo and behold, it works! So it seems that some DC versions seem to have broken the command-line compiler output.

Judging by DC’s support and general quality, I can see why our company is never going to use a rabbit again!

Good morning Shelku,
I did not find you in our database, and can find no record of you ever contacting Tech Support. I would like to help with any issue you are having. Please send an email to

For others who might have this same issue, here is the response I received from Rabbit:

This is a known issue and I have a suggestion from software:

Unfortunately, the only know work around is to use an earlier version of Dynamic C’s command line compiler (e.g. from DC 9.52). Note that a compiler change would be required to fix this bug, but we have no future DC 9 release scheduled.

It looks like this problem is also in DC10.46 when this topic was started, so I imagine the situation is similar.

Works in Version 10.54

I trying to use Code::Blocks as the IDE and building with an custom makefile.

Tim S.

11/14/2009   9:29:48 PM
dccl_cmp.exe, Version  10.54 - English
Options: -pf FLASHLED01.dcp -h+
Project file: H:\SourceCode\Projects\Rabbit\build\FLASHLED01.dcp
Program outputs:
Object file created successfully
line   51 : WARNING FLASHLED01.c   : Test warning message