How to use GUI Dynamic C project file for command line compilation

I’d like to use Dynamic C (10.72D) for compilation from command line.
I have big project (30+ source files and 50+headers). It compiles perfectly from GUI DC. I’ve tried “Dccl_cmp.exe myproject.dcp” and got error "Cannot find project main file "
What I do wrong? How could I fix it?

You might need to specify the myproject.dcp and the main C file on the command line. As I recall, the support for multiple C files in a project wasn’t as robust as using a single C file and multiple libraries via #use.

Note that the correct way to specify the project file is to use the ‘-pf’ command-line option: dccl_cmp -pf myproject.dcp main.c.

Can you provide your exact command line and the exact error you’re seeing?