Creating point to multi point(Coordinator - End devices)

I want to know if in my end device is a must to have microcontroller if so, what should i used? since the basic connection is Vcc,GND,Din,Dout.
and what things(command or program) should i consider to communicate my coordinator with the end devices? thanks!

You need the end device to do something…so generally, you would need the end device to be connected to some sort of device, microcontroller, sensor, etc.

To connect to the coordinator, you can connect another microcontroller, or connect the module to a serial port of your PC and write a program (in any language) that has access to the serial port.

You can connect to the coordinator by sending AT commands or using the more sophisticated API also available on the radio.

what i simply wanted to do is when the coordinator transmit and recognize an end device, the end device will send an ok to coordinator. how about direct I/O? without using microcontroller

I am using xbee ZB… should i need to configure both ND and NI of coordinator and end device?sorry for i am totally new here…thanks for those who reply and share some ideas.

Connect the Din and Dout together on the end device to create a simple loop back test.

If your only intention is to see if the device is there, you can issue the ND command. This will solicit a reponse from each node in the network. Or you can issue the ND command with a NI string and it will solicit the response only from the node addressed by the NI string. See the product manual description for ND and NI in the product manual for details.

Just set the DH and DL of the end device to 0. This will make the end device “talk” to the coordinator only. Set the DH on the coordinator to match the SH of the end device. Set the DL on the coordinator to match the SL of the end device. This will only allow the coordinator “talk” to that end device only. This is called unicast.