CTS interrupt on channel A

Hi,For our application we are using an external Quad uart 16554A, which uses the !CTSA pin to generate interrupts. I have a problem however getting interrupts when the !CTSA goes active. I have set the ERXCTS bit in the Channel 1 control register A, and have enabled the appropriate interrupts in the Interrupt Enable Register. The problem seems to be that CTSI bit doesn’t get set when the CTS bit changes, and therefore there’s no interrupt. The CTS bit follows the !CTSA fine, but changes are not reflected in the CTSI bit! Am I doing something wrong or … Any help is greatly appreciated -Bo

Please check out the app. note named Altering Interrupt Source Priorities in the NET+ARM BSP at the given link below that should guide you: http://www.netsilicon.com/support/appnotes.html