Serial hardware handshake (RTS/CTS)

Hello,I’m trying to create a serial interface with the UART in interrupt mode which uses hardware handshake (RTS/CTS). Whatever I did it didn’t work (RTS remained active). Now I’ve heard (and meanwhile read) that the TXBC bit is broken. Is that also the reason for the failure of the control of RTS/CTS?? Would the handshake work in DMA mode or does it also use this bit?

It is a fact that the TXBC is not functional however even our ppp examples opens the specified serial port with RTS/CTS hardware handshaking with no problems. For example: Given that we are using hardware handshaking, if the modem is not connected or not turned on, the CTS line going into the NET+ARMs serial port will NOT be turned on, resulting in the modem init string and modem dial string to be stored in the serial driver’s write buffer, but not transmitted. Thus, there is no “functioning” device connected the serial port that will toggle the CTS line to tell the serial port to send data. To test the DMA operation, add “|O_DMA” in the open statements for com0 and com1 and be sure to use hardware handshaking when setting up the com port registers.

To open the port is not the problem I think. What I do is to set the RTSRX and the CTSTX bit in control register A and also the RTS bit. When I open the port the RTS line goes active - what is correct so far. Now I can send data (CTS is also active), this works fine. But…when all data is sent the RTS is still active. What’s missing or wrong. I assume that this is related to the TXBC bit because this is exactly the moment to turn off the RTS line - all data sent, transmit buffer closed. Perhaps I’m really doing something wrong, could you please send me the ppp example (I’m not using NetOS).

the “Guest” is me - the froum timeout…sorry

I did enclose the main call.

sorry, but this source does not help me. It just contains function calls to functions I don’t have. It does not contain register specific code or interrupt settings/enabling/routines. I need the settings for the control registers, the interrupt service routine and (if there is one) the sequential order for the settings

Does anyone else have this problem or can tell me a workaround or the way how to set the registers correctly. The source “musclman” sent me is not helping me because I need the register settings and nothing that calls functions I do not have in source - I’m not using NetOS! Any help would be great!

Hi Can you share this piece of code again please. I am facin g the same issue.