Custom Platform Configuration Question

Hello all,

I am trying to get the SPI working for a while and thanx to rdeabill he pointed me out some problem I had.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to communicate on the SPI port. My signals wasn’t used by the SPI interface it was still in used by the serial interface. I found out that I was using the wrong port interface. On Digi connect EM board the SPI connector is bind with the port 1 not port 2. I changed then BSP_SERIAL_PORT_1 to BSP_SERIAL_SPI_DRIVER in bsp_serial.h and BSP_GPIO_MUX_SERIAL_A to BSP_GPIO_MUX_SERIAL_SPI_MASTER in gpio.h and I have a totally new problem. The application simply doesn’t start in debug.

I have, also, noticed a strange thing, in the C/C++ Project view I have my application and my custom platform where I modified the necessary headers files like the 2 defines above. What I don’t understand is that under my application project/bsp/7_4/myPlatform/ the header files there don’t show my changes for bsp_serial.h and gpio.h. How do we refresh those files?

The devboard I am using is Connect EM Wi-EM.
I am compiling the NET+OS 7.4.2.

Thank you in advanced,