cyclic sleep for long times


I setup 2 xbees S1 in cyclic sleep, the first xbee is the sleep coordinator and send a message to a second xbee. They stay awake for 1 minute and sleep for 2 minutes. I power the 2 xbees at the same time and everything works ok, i have a data logger on the 2nd xbee and can see messages coming every 3 minutes.

Next i want to setup the xbees to sleep long periods. I changed SP for 29 minutes, powered the xbees at the same time and i can see the first message coming ok, and they sleep at the same time. After that, i was expecting messages on the 2nd xbee every 30 minutes but instead, the 2nd xbee wakes every 30 minutes but the first xbee wakes out of sync and never send messages (when it sends message, the 2nd xbee is sleeping).

So, with lower SP (2 minutes) everything works ok, with higher values, doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

Are you trying to sleep both modules? The 802.15.4 protocol does not allow for a sleeping End device to send data to another sleeping end device. The data needs to be sent to an always on Coordinator instead.

Both are digimesh, so they can sleep at the same time. They work ok for short sleep periods (2 minutes), they don’t work for long sleep periods.

What firmware version is installed on the two modules?

What are the sleep settings for both modules?