Data Transmission through Bluetooth using Xbee 3 Micro 802.15.4

I have two xbee 3 802.15.4 Chips talking to each other. I have set up Bluetooth as well where i can change configuration using mobile device over Bluetooth. One thing I have not able to do is Transmit data through bluetooth. I have been trying to send data using relay console on the digi mobile app but not seeing it on the PC connected with Xbee.

         I was hoping to get faster data transmission speed through bluetooth as xbee 802.15.4 maxes out at 250 kbps. Any help appreciated. Thanks

Xbee: XB3-24AUM-J with Xbee micro develoment board

User Data Relay Frames can only be sent and received on the serial line if it is configured for API mode (ATAP1). The Digi mobile app does not notify you if it fails to deliver the data (which it will because you must be in API mode). That could be a feature to request, that the app notifies you of a failed send.

To add to this, as of right now it modules can only act as BLE central devices and cannot talk to each other. In the future they may be capable of being peripheral devices.

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