de-configuration xbee

I have two Xbee Pro S1, work perfect for a couple of months, but from two weeks ago, there’s something going wrong with them… not sure about what is it.

When I initialize them with the new xctu version, they are always sending me an error message. At the configuration panel, the AES Encryption Key and the Device Type Identifier are always in an “error” mode, and all the configuration I had stored on the modules months ago is gone.

Tried to reset, to update… nothing works properly…

Can be something related to an updated version of my mac?? I’ve just turn to Yosemite…

Also, I have some problems to understand what kind of info should be at some stings… I’m new with this kind of modules, and I’ve been just copying things from other tutorials, not really understanding why or what I was doing. Any good place to understand my Series1 better???

Thanks for your help!!!

I would recommend starting with the product manual. It will provide you with all information pertaining to that module.

Make sure you have the proper USB drivers installed.

I did forget to install the usb drivers when I updated… but still doesn’t work after installing… First message: Error reading AT parameters. All the configuration settings I’ve got stored until now still gone, and the AES Encryption Key and the Device Type Identifier still in red. As I try to update firmware it says: could not get the device information.

Any other ideas???

Try optimizing the USB ports.

Hm… tried on 3 different macs… not working!!!
Thanks anyway!!!

At last I’ve tried this:
I can write and edit the coordinator, but I have to restore each time. Also, there’s a message al the remote module: “Could not initialize device”. So, I can’t make them work…
I’ve tried to edit the remote connected to the computer and no problem… I think the problem is in the coordinator… perhaps it’s broken… it has only a couple of months!!!

Could it be that you are either using API mode and or a different baud rate? If you are using a spark fun board, try contacting them for the correct driver for that board.