Dead CM32?

I have recently acquired a CM32 and have connected a PC to the console port (using 90000613_A). I get absolutely no response whatsoever. No line speed mismatch garbled characters, no characters at all. The unit appears to power up OK (fan runs and the 100BT, LINK LED’s light up with the RX LED blinking from traffic, but the TX and CPU LED’s are off).

Any ideas here or am I stuck with a brick?

You’ll probably want to call Technical Support on this one so we can determine if the unit is defective or not, and if so, begin the RMA process.

Please ensure you have the serial number available when you call or create an online support request.

Good day,

I see that initial post was done long long ago, but nevertheless… May by you remember what was the problem with you digi cm 32 and was it possible to bring it back to life without an RMA? I’m afraid our’s unit is out of warranty and so we cannot just replace it…

Thanks in advance!

If the unit is completely unresponsive, you can trying factory defaulting the unit and see if you can get to it then. You may also want to try the Disaster Recovery procedure, found at this Knowledge Base article: