Lost the network connection to device: Digi CM32 & CM48


We have over 100 Digi CM32/48 devices deployed in our two labs and with some of them we are seeing the following errors on our debug machine.

The driver lost the network connection to device AAA-32-RACK2-CM01 ( [STATUS_NETWORK_UNREACHABLE]

Then this is shown for all the ports:

Serial Port COM205 could not be opened for System. The remote device cannot be reached. Please wait a moment and try again, then check that the device is online.

Eventually this shows up but the debug connections still cannot be established:

The driver reestablished the network connection to device AAA-32-RACK2-CM01 (

The debug machine is the one that usually has three to four Digi CM devices connected to it and it creates the kernel debug connection for the computers that are connected to the CM devices.

Has anyone seen this issue before? We troubleshooted all network connectivity, physical media and the debug machine and everything checked out well.

Thank you,


Few initial questions:

–When this happens, are you able to access the CM? Does ping respond?

–Just to confirm, you are on firmware 1.9.2?

–What rev of the Realport driver is this?

–Do you use the “Auto Device Recognition” option in the CM firmware? Serial ports->Config->Port title->Auto detection.



–After what period of time does the driver recover?