loosing connection to DIGI Realport & PortServer "STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT"

Hello there,

currently we have several DIGI-Portserver and Connectports in use…every port is using the same default realport settings. We often get following errors:

  • The driver lost the network connection to device XY ( [STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT]
  • Serial Port COM118 could not be opened for DNC_MAN.exe. The device either lost its network connection to the device or the local driver is being disabled.

Event ID’s are 14 and 41
Keep-Alive is enabled with default-Values.

In the used software we often get errors like “COM XY already in use”…but we don’t know why…

is there anything we can do to reduce the connection errors?
OS: Server 2016
Used Hardware: PortServer TS 2/4 & ConnectPort TS 8
Driver Version: 4.7.410.0

kind regards,