Digi PortServer II 16 Real Ports timed out ?

I’m using a rack mounted PortServer with all ports configured to be used as Real Ports. I’m using 8-pin RJ45 cables (with 3 wires connected only), without any flow control. I use the ports from services running on Windows 2000 systems; the port is open when the service starts and closed when the service stops (which should be never, except for maintenance problems or updates).

At the beginning, everything works fine, but if no command is sent to the real port for some time (let’s say 2 or 3 days), messages cannot be sent anymore through this port (simply nothing happens on the RJ45 side, without errors). Usually, restarting the service allow to take control of the port again.

Furthermore, if a port is not used for a longer period (around 1 month, for example), without any software accessing it, use it becomes impossible without rebooting the port server (again, no errors are raised, simply nothing happens).

Any idea?

I am seeing a similar problem as well.
I am using the PortServer II 16 with all ports defined as Real ports. When using Windows 2003 SP 1 I am seeing problems, when not using SP 1 things seem to work normally. My problem is that every once in a while the ports seem to stop responding and there is no error message, data just goes to never never land. Reboot the Portserver and things will work for a while (hours,days,minutes) but will eventually stop.

I have checked driver versions and there is nothing new since 11/2004 and FW is same since 1999. Any help on this at all would be greatly appreciated.


So the previous poster posted this message quite some time ago with no response, I have now added something to it and it has gone without response for almost 2 weeks, is anyone from Digi reading this? Is this no longer a supported product? Can someone please at a minimum tell me what is going on?