Regularly losing network connection to PortServer


We’re getting regular, frequent error messages in the Windows System Event log with a source of DIGIRPS. The error message is:

Regularly losing network connection to device: PortServer0000 [STATUS_NETWORK_UNREACHABLE]

The strange thing is that this occurs almost every day at 02:00 in the morning (always within 20 minutes of this time). Sometimes the PortServer is able to recover after 30 minutes but sometimes it does not. Occasionally this also happens at 14:00 as well.

We’ve had a long hard think about what scheduled tasks run around this time that could cause the problem e.g. backups but are pretty sure that there are none. There’s no indication of a network outage on any other equipment. The Digibox functions normally the rest of the time.

Is it possible that there could be a fault with the Digi box or the driver? We could get the box replaced if required but obviously we’d be embarrassed if the problem did not get resolved by this action.

For information we’re using the firmware we’re using is 82000684_S 05/22/2006

Any help you can give would be gratefully received.

please update the firmware using the following link

It might be the code or the device connected to it causing the periodic loosing connection.