Debug mode in Micropython for xbee 3 Zigbee

I have Micropython running with a small network of Xbee 3 ZigBee modules in PyCharm.
That is working well in Run mode.

When I select Debug (Menu Run, then Debug) mode, it is doesn’t show a Debug option. When started via that Debug mode, it runs as usual without stopping at breakpoints. For a non-MicroPython project, PyCharm offers a Debug mode option, and does stop at breakpoints, etc.

(1) Does Micropython for Xbee 3 ZigBee support a debug mode with breakpoints, etc?
(2) If so, where is the related documentation?


The radio does not support a debug output. Not from PyCharm. You wold need to put print statements in at different points and then cut and past the code via the REBL interface in XCTU.

Ok, thanks for the reply.