Python Version on the Digi XBee3

Just a small question because im getting some errors while trying to understand the work of my new job.

At the moment im seeing a lot of print commands looking like this:

print("Values at {0} ; Result: {1}".format(value,format))

Im usually working with f-strings, but this gives me errors.
Can i use a more modern Python Version with PyCharm XBee or should i just stick with Python36?
I posted a topic a while ago regarding some errors in pycharm. The solution i got was to change to an older Pycharm Version and Python36

Sincerely Pascal

The Micro Python version is documented in the release notes for the firmware version of the XBee module. For the XBee 3 Zigbee modules, that version is currently 1.20 which was updated on XBee firmware version 1013.