Debug monitor on web page !


I would like to add debug monitor to my web page on Net-OS,

I’m thinking to send STDIO to “/udpdb/0” and then use java applet to read udp and show on page.
Is there another way of doing this in Net-OS without using applet ?
I will appreciate any idea !

by saying debug monitor do you want to have some kind of device log on the device itself?

Maybe you can write logs to a file and display it ?

NET+OS ships with a utility, shipped a source under src\utilities\udpdb (udpdb.c) that will act as a sink for messages written to “/udpdb/0”.

If stdout is pointed to a serial port, output can go to terminal emulator running on a PC or other device.

You are given the source to udpdb so you could roll your own utility to catch output sent form the device.

What else are you looking for?

tuxembb : I was thinking about that , just don’t want to write to flash

dakotas_dad : This is my original plan, I will write down java applet for that, I can’t use JavaScript because does not support udp as I remember. I was just wondering that there maybe is some other solution to catch this in NetOs itself and just use web server to show on page.