UDPDB Not working


In debug mode I want to log events using the UDP Debug feature. For this I modified the following
#define BSP_STDIO_PORT “/udpdb/0”
#define BSP_UDP_DEBUG_PORT 12345


For each event I want to log I added a printf(“…”);

I rebuilt the BSP & application, but in the UDPDB tool nor in the ESP UDP Window, I don’t see any messages coming in.

I use a ConnectME and Net+OS 7.5

What did I overlook?

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I’ve just created a tested a new project with udpdb enabled and it works out of the box:
E:\Netos75\bin>udpdb Retrieving debug data from unit at, UDP debug port 12345. IAM:AUTO-CONFIGURED IPv6 FE80::240:9DFF:FE3B:7A7F on eth0:3
IAM:AUTOIP IPv4 on eth0:0 IAM:DHCP IPv4 on eth0 Network IP configured. FTP Server Sample Ready.

please make sure you can ping the target, and that you pass the correct IP address to udpdb. Also please make sure firewall and antivirus are not blocking udpdb on your PC.

Hi Leonid,

Thanks for your reply. The out of the box example does work indeed.

First of all, I had to modify a line in appconfig.h
#define APP_STDIO_PORT “/com/0”
#define APP_STDIO_PORT “/udpdb/0”

Next, when I want to make use of the serial portA as additional communication device, the printf() statements generate data into the void.(Before opening the serial port for communication, printf() is routed nicely to the UDPDB.) Replacing the printf() statements by

  ccode = udpdb_write(0, msg, strlen(msg), &size);

does the trick (and is way faster than using printf())

However, I still don’t know why that is.

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