debug without loading program in micropro


i like to debug a program in the bl2600 but i don’t want to override it
i believe u need to use the diag conn on the program cable in stead of the prog but i don’t know how to use this
im using dynamic c version 8.51 i dont find anything to disable the programming or debug without programming
could somebody help,
do i need to upload the program somehow ??
grz muk

The only way to debug without writing over the flash is to check “Code and BIOS in RAM” in the Dynamic C Project Options on the Compiler tab page. This lets you download and debug in RAM, and when you remove the programming cable and reset the board it should come up running what was in the flash before. Of course the program and whatever memory it needs all has to fit in the RAM.

The diag connector on the cable is a TTL to RS232 level converter. The difference between the diag connector and the prog connector is that the diag connector leaves out the reset and mode control lines so the RS232 RTS signal doesn’t reset the Rabbit.

You can send diag information out the serA port from your program when not debugging. Messing with serA while debugging generally crashes the debugger so encapsulate the diag code with “#if DEBUG_RST != 1”. You can use the diag conn and any PC terminal program (HyperTerm, RealTerm, etc.) to see the diag output.

inside DC there doesn’t appear to be a way, so I wrote a batch file.

Essentially, you run the following command:

dccl_cmp.exe main.c -pf myProjectFile.dcp -br -n

-n avoids the download, -br uses the targetless specified in your project file.
Make sure to set this option, and to point the compiler to your own project file in DC.

With these options your unit doesn’t need to even be attached whilst you lean on the compiler for syntax debugging. ;>