how to auto start a program

I have a program for the BL4S100 board. With Dynamic 10.60 i am able to compile and load the program on the board.

Is it possible to load the program permanently and it is started as soon as the board is powered on?

If you compile to flash and then disconnect the debug cable the program will start running when you reset or power cycle the board.

You can connect the debug cable up in “diag” mode to view anything printed to the console as well.

When you are happy with your program you can then disable the debug info to save space/increase performance.


You want to put your board into RUN mode. Please see the Users manual, section 3.5.1 Changing Between Program Mode and Run Mode located at the floowing link:

Hi Peter,
What i didn’t know was that the debug cable should have been removed. Now it is working as expected.
Thanks for your response.