Getting Error while sending cold loader, no rabbit processor detected on a BL4S110

I am getting the error of no rabbit processor detected on a BL4S110 board. I have programmed it before about a year ago but i have to do an update to the program. I am using a 20-101-1183 USB programming cable, the Tx light turns on, but the Rx doesn’t light. I checked the Latency timer and changed it, did not help. I re-installed Dynamic C 10.72A with everything connected and still no change.

Any help is appreciated.

Hello, Check your programming cable is connected properly or not?
Choose below settings under Project options,
Debug Baud Rate: 115200
Choose “Disable Baud Negotiation”,
Stop Bits: 2
Choose “Enable Processor verification”,
Choose " Use USB to serial converter"

Choose “Enable separate instruction and data space”, then compile the sample program. Still if you are facing the issues, may be there is some issue with the hardware. If you have another programming cable, try to test with the another cable.