SBC BL2100 programming error.


I have a Single Board Computer and I want to programming it. SBC model is BL2100. I have a error message while I load a sample program. Error message “No Rabbit processor Detected.”

I applied the troubleshooting process on user manual but I have still same error. I am using USB Programming Cable. Its product number is 20-101-1201.

What can I do? How to resolve this issue?

Thank you. Regards.
Ismail CIL

That’s the correct cable. I would check the following:

  • You’re using Dynamic C 9.62 or earlier. Dynamic C 10 is for newer products (based on Rabbit 4000, 5000 and 6000).
  • You have selected the correct serial port. You can verify by seeing the selected port disappear from port lists when you unplug the cable.
  • The BL2100 has power.
  • You’re using the “PROG” and not “DIAG” connector on the programming cable.
  • The red edge of the ribbon cable matches the pin 1 marking of the programming connector (silkscreen dot, typically the edge of the board).

Hope that helps.