No Rabbit Processor Detected

I have development kit RabbitCore RCM5400W and Dynamic C 10.70. I connect this kit with programmable cable and with PC. Press “F9” and then “No Rabbit Processor Detected” appeared. Serial port is selected correct (I have only one COM1). Connector is also correct (I use “PROG”). Power is also correct (indication LED on the prototyping board). How should be Debug Baud Rate and Max Download Baud Rate setting?
Thanks for any advice!

Hello , see the section 2.3.1 Troubleshooting from the RCM5400W user’s manual from the link below

I checked all these problems, but no success :frowning:

I just had this issue myself; wasted an hour trying to find the cause. I changed the USB cable and it started to work.

Note: I had already tested the USB cable with another hardware device and it worked.

So, I suggest trying another USB cable even when you think the one you have works.

Tim S.