Where can i download the correct driver (Win 7) for use with the programming cable 20-101-1201

I’m trying to program a Rabbit (part number 20-101-0535)using the USB programming cable (part number 20-101-1201) and keep getting an error message “No Rabbit Processor Detected”. Could this be a driver issue and if so, then where can I download the correct driver and what is the name of the driver please?

Thank you. Simon

The driver ships with Dynamic C. Which board are you using, and which version of Dynamic C? When you plug the cable in, does a COM port appear that wasn’t there before?

If you download and install version 10.72A, it has an up-to-date FTDI driver in the Drivers folder.

I had the same/similar problem with the USB programming cable (part number 20-101-1201) after loading Dynamic 9.62 for my Rabbit BL2020 board. However, that driver did not work at all. I saw this post, so I installed Dynamic C 10.72A. I installed the driver. When I plug in the cable, it now appears as COM8 and appears normal. When I go to flash the board, using Dynamic 9.62, I get the message “No Rabbit Processor Detected”. Any thoughts of what is going on? Thanks.

In Project Options, be sure to check the boxes for “Enable Processor Verification” and “Use USB to Serial Converter”, along with setting 2 stop bits. I use a debug baud rate of 115200 and a max download rate of 460800. I assume you are using the PROG header and not the DIAG header of the cable.

If you use Rabbit Field Utility (RFU) from DC 10.72A, can it flash the board with a .bin file compiled in 9.62? If so, you know that the cable and board are working correctly.