RCM4300 with USB Prog Cable P/N: 20-101-1183

Trying to run a sample program but get a message
“error while sending cold Loader. can not open serial port.”
I am using windows 7 with a PC and a USB port.
Tried two different ports without any success.

Do I need a driver for the USB PROG cable?
Dynamic C “Option Menu” sees the com ports. But it does not matter which one I use,
it gives me the same error message.



Are they the correct COM ports? If you unplug the cable and go back to that screen, are the COM ports still listed? The port for your cable should only appear when the cable is plugged in.

And yes, it requires a driver from FTDI that should be present in the “Drivers” directory of your Dynamic C installation.

You could also check the Windows Device Manager to see if it shows up in the list of serial ports.