Serial/USB port not found

Hello everyone,

I need to start developing a project I’ve been asignend envolving a RabbitCore RCM 4300 module.

I attempted to install Dynamic C 10.46 on my Dell Inspiron N4010 (Windows 7 64 bits, 4 GB RAM, Intel core i3 processor). The problem is that it doesnt detect the USB ports on my laptop (“Serial/USB ports not found”) and I am unable to load any program on to the module.

I need to start developping ASAP. Could anyone help me, please?


There is an issue with Dynamic C and Windows 7 64 bit version. If you install Dynamic C without the hardware attached and powered, Windows 7 will over write the drivers needed for the USB programming cable.
You can either go to the FTDI website and download the drivers for Windows 7 or you can uninstall Dynamic C, attach your hardware, apply power, then re-install Dynamic C