Serial Port Selection

I just upgraded to Dynamic C 10.46 from 10.11. With the older version, I could select COM ports 1 to 9, I believe. With 10.46, the only COM port option in the Project Options window is COM1. Is there are way to select a different port?

I am using a USB to serial converter and when Dynamic C was installed, it was not plugged in. So the only port available at installation was COM1. Could this be the reason?

Thanks for any suggestions.

The newer version shows only available serial ports. If you are not seeing your USB serial port, most likely it is not installed properly. Go to control panel and select system. Then select the hardware tab and push the device manager button. Press the plus sign in front of Ports (COM & LPT) and you will see the ports the system recognizes. If your USB port isn’t on that list, then DC will not show it as available.

The port is on the list.

Now I see the problem. I had assumed you were using one of our USB to RS-232 adapters. Unfortunately, there is a big compatability issue between different USB to RS-232 converters available on the market today. The DC documentation states that we only guarantee compatability with the converter we sell, however, many converters based on the FTDI chip and using the standard FTDI driver will also work. Belkin obviously has their own driver and may not be using the FTDI chip. This is why it is not showing up. Some converters will show up and still not work.

We also have a new unified USB programming cable that goes straight from USB to the programming connecter (included on all new dev kits), and it of course is guaranteed to work. It is part number 20-101-1183 and although they don’t have it up on the accessories page of the website yet, you can probably order it by calling in and giving them the part number above. Sorry your converter won’t work, but as I said, these things are not standardized and since we do debugging through this same port, the timing issues make our software rather picky on this interface.

Hi there,
I have bougth the 20-101-1183 USB to miniDIN 1.27m converter, for use with RC3200 rabbit core, but connecting to windows XP it askes for device drivers. There is no driver packed together with the cable. Does anybody knows were to donwload it?

The drivers for this are available from the FTDI website

Alternatively, if you download and install DC10.66 it installs the drivers for this as well (I know you can’t use DC10.xx with the R3000 chips).