Serial port not detected


I’m quite new to working with Dynamic C. I’m trying to connect a rabbit module to my computer through a NetCom 111. It connects an RS232 port to an ethernet port. The purpose would be to be able to connect to the rabbit module through the internet.

However, the problem I’m having is that the virtual serial port is visible in device manager(see picture included), yet it isn’t visible in Dynamic C(picture included).
When I tried using this program through HyperTerminal there was no problem at all, it worked like a charm. I’ve been looking through both manuals on what might be causing this, without any results.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

-Disable checkbox “Enable Processor verification”
-Enable checkbox “Use USB to Serial Converter”
-Write in selectbox “Serial Port” your virtual com (COM10)

Thanks for the fast reply.
Yet, I still can’t get it to work. When I try running with the settings you suggested, I get the message “Loading Initial Loader”. The problem is it gets stuck at that point. It doesn’t even respond to clicking “cancel”…

Those settings do sound odd though, I’m not using a USB connection. It’s an ethernet connection. So why would I need to enable the “Use USB to Serial converter”-option?
Also. I can enter “COM10”, click ok. But then when I open the settings tab again, the serial port will be empty again…

Thanks for trying, though.