cant connect to rcm3700 with windows7 64 bit

I cant connect to my rcm3700 module using windows 7-64. Same module and usb to serial works ok on xp. It comes up with “no rabbit detected” when I try to run. I have tried 2 brands of usb to serial and c 9.52 and 9.62, all give the same problem. Has anyone got this to work on win7-64?

If you have the correct comm port selected in Dynamic C, have proper power supplied, have the core module attached properly to the Rabbit proto board for the RCM3700, and the correct programming cable attached directly to the PC and still get no rabbit processor detected, I suspect a hardware issue.
the correct driver for the programming cable may not be used If you installed Dynamic C without the hardware attached with power applied. (If you installed dc without the hardware attached, Windows 7 will re-write the drivers needed for communication with the programming cable)
One thing you can try is, uninstall Dynamic C, attach the RCM3700 with power to the PC, then re-install Dynamic C.