Supporting legacy RCM3700 product with windows 11

I’m continuing to sell a product I designed about 15 years ago that uses a Rabbit 3700 CPU Module.
I haven’t made code changes for about 6 years, but I do need to be able to load the binary image into the RCM module.

My computer just upgraded itself to Window 11 (it did not give me a choice) and now my RFU (Rabbit Field Utility) is not able to open a serial port to my programming cable/interface.

The code was developed using Dynamic C 9.25, and so I’m using the Rabbit Field Utility 2.5.

It just refuses to open the USB/Serial port any more, sespite the fact that I can use Putty to send characters to the programming cable (and see the LED flash).

I found a DC10.4 installer that had a tool to configure the serial driver, but that didn’t seem to help.
I can’t find a DC9.x installer to download anywhere (the DIGI site sends me in a circular login loop) and try to update the serial driver.

Anyone have any clue/advice regarding being able to load a FLASH image into my RCM3700

I’m successfully using Dynamic C 9.62A and 10.72E with Windows 11 for ARM running in a VM.

Maybe you need to install updated FTDI drivers? It looks like is the latest. If you find the COM port in Device Manager, the “Driver” tab will report on the version you have installed.

The Digi website requires a login before you can download Dynamic C installers, but you probably want to start with the FTDI driver and see if that resolves your problem.

Does Dynamic C list the serial port in the Project Options? Could you have it open in another application when you try to use it from Dynamic C?

Thanks for the reply.

I found those FTDI drivers and installed them with no improvement.

I’ve had a Digi login for years, but it’s stopped working recently. I reset the password, and was able to log in, but whenever I got jumped to the actual download page it insisted that I needed to login.

I tried resetting the hardware AND pc several times, so I know there was nothing conflicting.

Eventually I resolved my “critical” issue by transfering the DynamicC folder from the ProgramFiles(86) folder on my Windows 11 machine to another machine with Windows 9 and RFU is backto running again. Luckilly that machine isn’t capable of running Windows 11 so it’s safe for a few more years.

This might be a direct download for Dynamic C 9.62A.

You might also want to try RFU from any of the Dynamic C 10.72 releases (same version of RFU for 10.72 through 10.72E). It was designed to work for all Rabbit products.