BL2600 Error "While Sending Cold Loader: No Rabbit Processor Detected."

Hi, I am currently trying to set up a newly acquired BL2600 Wolf board with its Dynamic C software. I followed the instructions provided in the user manual, but I keep running into the error stated in the title. In addition, I have also tried the suggested solutions to the error provided in the user manual such as lowering the maximum download rate and changing COM ports, but to no avail.

I am currently connecting my BL2600 board to my desktop computer via the programming cable provided in the start-up kit. I was thinking of perhaps using a rs232 to USB converter cable to connect to my computer instead of connecting the programming port directly to a rs232 db9 port, but I have not yet tried this.

Does anyone have a other pointers/suggestions as to how I might go about tackling this error? Thanks in advance.


Following are the most common problems when troubleshooting “No Rabbit Processor Found” errors WITH USB.

First, Dynamic C is compatible with Windows 7. However, a known problem is to install DC without having the hardware attached and powered up. The wrong FTDI drivers get installed. Uninstall DC, attach and power up the board, and reinstall DC.

Second, there is a known issue of incompatibility with Dynamic C and some of the USB hubs on the market. Try removing the hub and re-compile your code.

Third, many (perhaps most) brands of USB to serial converter cables do not support DSR and DTR, which signals are required by Dynamic C to monitor Rabbit’s STATUS output and control Rabbit’s RESET input, respectively. We recommend using either Digi’s Rabbit-brand USB programming cable or the USB to serial converter that is sold by Digi (part # 20-151-0178).

Fourth, it was discovered that in Device Manager, in the USB COM port’s “Advanced Settings” dialog box there is a “Latency Timer (msec)” selection drop-list. It was found that reducing the latency setting from the (apparent) default of 16 msec to a much smaller value (1 or 2 or 3 msec) resulted in much better performance and problems with frequent target communication errors. Experiment a little and use the highest latency setting that doesn’t cause frequent TC errors.

Try swapping out different hardware (BL2600, programming cable, etc) to see if you can narrow down the issue.