Starting firmware on a RCM3720 dev kit

This may seem like a stupid question. But how do i go about starting the boot loader from flash? i dont particularly want to add any extra componets.

What i am asking is there any way i can plug the power in and my program will autorun. if i hit the reset the program will reset.

i have done some reading on this but all i have come up with is that the rabbit will try to oad the boot loader from serial???



Most of the Rabbits willautorun if you just unplug the programming cable (or plug the “DIAG” connector instead of the “PROG” connector into the header if you still want to use stdin/stdout). The 5000s are the exception to this, as they have a jumper that must be removed. But since you’ve got a 3000, you really don’r care about that difference :slight_smile:

Thanks mate. Worked like a charm.

Jeeze do i feel silly now!

Thanks a million!