Bootable Code?


This may be a dumb question, but how do I get my rabbit module to run the code I have compiled to it after a hard boot?

I have reviewed the documentation, but have not stumbled across a solution as of yet. If anyone has some instructions, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

This is truly depressing. After reviewing some of the comments posted by rabbit, I am baffled as to what support is available for the units. It seems rabbit relies on community based support. When I spoke on the phone with the sales rep, they made it sound like there was this extensive support department to assist with issues. I have tried to contact this so called support department, but it seems that it does not exist. :confused:

So once you purchase it, your on your own.

Anyway, if anyone else has the same problem here is the simple answer.

Unplug the serial debug adapter when hard booting the unit.:slight_smile:

Hello Stimphy,
I am sorry you have incorrect information. This forum is intended for information purposes, and not a direct means of Technical support. If you purchase a new kit, you will receive 30 days of free telephone Tech Support, then after that time you will need to purchase an agreement if you wish to have telephone support. But all of our customer do receive email support free of charge. You can go to the website and fill out an online form with details of your issue or you can mail us directly at

I hope this helps.:slight_smile: