Restarting developement. Where to begin?

I bought one of the Rabbit 3000 cores and developement pack (Dynamic C + Daughter board + AC adapter) approx 3 years ago.

I got as far as loading and running a program that would make the LEDs flash on and off. But that was about it.

There’s renewed interest in doing some processing on a rabbit so I went back and dusted off the old board and hooked it all up to my computer.

The computer that I did that previous stuff on has since been moved/lost/forgotten. I downloaded the latest version of the compiler (ver 9.52). When I spoke with one of your salesladies last week she indicated that the compiler doesn’t cost anything anymore. But when I attempted to install it, it comes up asking for a serial number.

Is there a way to retrieve my serial number from my previous purchase (I still get emails from you from it so I’m still in your system somewhere), or is there another method of installing the compiler without the need for a serial number?

Also, apart from the ‘rabbit 3000’ label on the processor, I don’t see which part number for the core that I have. Is it on the underside of the board? It’s plugged onto the daughter board so I’d have to yank it apart to see what’s on the underside. I’d like to get the documentation for the board itself since that too seems to have slipped into the ether around here.

I found the solution to the serial number issue. I ran the CreateKeys registry thing and that allowed the installer to skip the serial number request.