Newbie question about Dev Kits

I have a couple of projects in mind that something like a Rabbit 4000 would work for, but I’m wondering what exactly I’m getting by spending an extra $160 on the Dev kit.

My parts box is pretty well stocked, and have plenty of serial cables around here. It looks like the software is freely available to download. Is there anything else I’m missing as to why I would need to buy a $250 dev kit versus the $90 board?


Might be possible that there is some way to do it but i don’t have any idea about it

The prototyping board is where the power is connected. The header on the processor that plugs into the prototyping board is TINY. Even if you had excellent soldering skills, it would still be quite a task to solder onto the necessary pins. However, you could have a PCB made for cheaper than the cost through Rabbit, but then you’d have to solder all the components on it. I would go ahead and get the kit and make your own boards when the development phase is over.