Low support from forum

Looking at the various post , the number of views to the post and the actual number of response is kind of dismal.

Comments anyone?

This forum is not moderated by Rabbit engineers, instead it is a place for our customers to ask questions, share ideas…from time to time our staff occassionally answers questions.

If you need a quick response, I suggest that you use the Technical Support email form or you can write to us directly at support@rabbit.com


I agree. It is unfortunate that the rabbit boards seem to be so slapdashidly supported. Especially considering their quirks (dynamic C especially).

your’e forgetting that most people just want a little help. And it’s so easy for the rabbit engineers to clear up things. So why don’t give it a try.
I would think that it is in the interrest of rabbit to sell as must boards as they can.
I think that there are a lot of people moving away from the rabbit boards, because of this lack of information. They just want help, and their not getting it.
Have a look at the microchip/pic site and forum. it’s full of samples, tutorials and information. Watch and learn.

Hi There, all of our documentation is available online, as well schematics, and our software that contains many sample programs. Tech Support can be reached at support@rabbit.com


Yea, I needed a complete board so I didn’t have to have a ‘homemade’ look by hand soldering wires. I was looking at the BL type boards. I already have an old (2000) RMC2000 kit but the development board is entirely different from the RMC2000 doc’s at the Rabbit web site.

So, I have decided not to go that route, I think it is going to be extremely difficult to get support especially from the user forum. I looked it over and thre are very few replies to post.

I use the Atmel AVR devices and the support forum, avrfreaks.net is pretty good. I also use AutomationDirect PLC hardware and their user forum is also good.

I think the Rabbit products may be slanted more toward larger quantity users than someone like me.

Want to buy a RMC2000 cheap?

Good Luck