RCM3010 and RCM 3000

New user, first project.
It was easy using the sample Dynamic C led flashing code and change it to creat a output test for my custom mother board. This code works great using the RCM3010 module supplied in the development kit running on by hardware. but for my project I needed more flash and ram so I chose the RCM3000.

The difficulty I ran into is even after selecting the correct CPU and version on the project options I still can not get the RCM3000 to run the code after It will compile to target ok but when you hit run it appears the cpu gets lost.

I have gone as far as to use the RABBIT unchanged code and tried it in the RCM3000 and it would not run either. I have tried multiple RCM3000’s with the same results.

I feel this is a simple issue only a beginner has diffeculties with.

Any advice would be great.

Scott H.

When your’e using the prototype boards there is the possibillity that the sample code contains
#use rcm3000.lib
this lib contains preset port settings for the I/O, when deletting the #use part you have to define things yourself.
My board is a rcm3720.
In my case #define RCM3700_PROTOBOARD screwed things up.
brdInit(); makes some pre-setting then as well.