Flash an application to the board and run it

I just bought a Rabbit RCM3000 development kit. I want to flash the board, shut down the Dynamic C version and have my application still run on the board.

I’ve tried for example the “humidity” web-demo. When I flash it to the board and run the application from within Dynamic C I can access the web interface from my web browser. However, when I close down the Dynamic C environment, the web interface isn’t available any more. I assume the application is shut down?

Does somebody know what I’m doing wrong? I looked at the documentation that comes with the kit and also the documentation on the web, but I could figure this out. I only see how to start the application from within the dynamic C environment.

Have you unplugged the programming cable? Also unplugging sometimes isn’t enough, you need to cycle the boards power.

I tried to detach the programming cable and indeed it worked.

At first I really thought it would be possible to run with the cable, so I didn’t test it without the cable in the first case. Thanks.