Storing program into RCM 5600W

hi, i’ve jus bought the rcm5600w. currently, i’m still exploring. Could anyone tell me how can i store the program permanently in my Flash memory ? i’ve tried storing in the flash memory. however, when i power down, and power up again, the whole program is nt there anymore. i realise tt the prgram depend on the Dynamic C program in order to run. Have i made any mistake or something?

Did you set it to run mode on JP1?

See Appendix B in the user’s manual:

mm, normally you compile the program, then disconnect the programming cable from the board, reset the board, and thats it.

The 5000 series interface board is different. It requires changing a jumper on the board.

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When we disconnect the programming cable from the board, we need a direct supply right… so when i plug it in, it is still the same. no program has been stored in the flash memory although i had store the program in it. The program tt i tried is the one with pushing of switch 1 and the LED lights up. for what i see nw, the programme needs a dynamic C environment in order to run. i’ve also set to the run mode.

how to determine the setting of jumper?

how do i determine which jumper setting to change?

hi , thank you very much… i’ve tried taking out the JP1 1-2, and it works!. thanks!